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GIC Talk is a weekly English talk program developed for intercultural communication and understanding among local citizens and foreign residents in Gwangju. The program started in September 2003 with few participants. Nowadays, dozens of Koreans and foreigners take part in the talk focusing on a different topic each week. These include world cultures,  social issues, history, lifestyles, political issues, speakers' experience and other areas of interest.

Community space for Koreans and foreigners

This community space for Koreans and foreigners takes place on weekends. Most presenters are international residents in Gwangju, but other influential people, such as foreign ambassadors and representatives of NGOs or NPOs, are also invited to give a talk. Each lecture is followed by Q&A time where people can ask the presenter questions and exchange their ideas freely. The community space allows those who attend an opportunity to be more globally aware. 지난강좌목록

How this program runs

Despite not having a budget allocated to it, GIC Talk is possible thanks to foreigners donating their time, knowledge and experience. Our appreciation also goes to GIC volunteers who host, document and review the event.

How to participate in GIC Talk?

GIC Talk is open to EVERYONE! It is held every Saturday (except public holidays) from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.(about 30-minute talk, 20-minute Q & A). The Talk is given exclusively in English.


Have you missed a Talk?

GIC Talk presentations are uploaded online every Thursday.
Click here to view past Talks: GIC Talk YouTube (

For seeing recent Talks' photo albums:

Call for Presenters

GIC Talk welcomes your proposals for presentations on topics such as society, culture, politics, science, education or any topic of interest. If you would like to be a presenter, please contact / +82-62-226-2733



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